Mind Over Body: Catarina’s Path to Health — Phoebe, MD: Medicine + Poetry

By Catarina Rodrigues, Featured Health Story Three and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. A hiatal hernia is what happens when the upper portion of your stomach slides up into your chest because there is an opening (a “hiatus”) in your diaphragm. This causes the person to experience severe acid […]Mind … Continue lendo Mind Over Body: Catarina’s Path to Health — Phoebe, MD: Medicine + Poetry


The Changing Nature of Time

Time must be one of the hardest things to define. Physics has been debating its essence for many Centuries and no accurate conclusions could ever be reached. Some think time is what the clock shows us, others think it is an illusion, and then there are more daring minds that suggest time is not linear. … Continue lendo The Changing Nature of Time

Nevertheless, we will persist

First week of preventive quarantine is reaching its end. 5,5 days locked home, working, trying to stay busy  AF and clear my mind from negative thoughts. Like me, I know that thousands of people are going through the exact same thing (or worse). It is for me and for them that I am writing these … Continue lendo Nevertheless, we will persist

A glimpse of kindness

It is day 4 at home, working of course, without going out. 4 miserable days and I am already going nuts. My heart pounds like a squash ball hitting the wall right before landing on someone's nose, I have trouble breathing and my entire body hurts. I even lost my appetite, when normally feel hungry … Continue lendo A glimpse of kindness

Life, interrupted, until further notice

The day I, like so many other Portuguese people, thought would never come has arrived and with it came an overwhelming feeling of panic, restlessness and fear. Covid-19 is here and it is coming strong on all fronts - health, economy, work, personal lives... Everyone is a bit lost, affraid, unsure of what tomorrow will … Continue lendo Life, interrupted, until further notice

Looking through the broken glass

If we take a really deep look within ourselves we will find a legion, we will find many, an endless matrix of complex thoughts, emotions, wishes, dreams, fears. We are like a broken mirror, refecting many different angles of the same image or in this case of the same self,  and sometimes it is hard … Continue lendo Looking through the broken glass

Chapter XIV – Liberation

Its midnight and the moon shines high There’s nothing but a silent cry The clock has stopped ticking, My heart has stopped beating. All pain just washed away No more sins left to forgive today, My eyes are forever shut All bonds are forever cut. Goodbye my lonely days, Today we follow separate ways, As … Continue lendo Chapter XIV – Liberation