Looking through the broken glass

If we take a really deep look within ourselves we will find a legion, we will find many, an endless matrix of complex thoughts, emotions, wishes, dreams, fears. We are like a broken mirror, refecting many different angles of the same image or in this case of the same self,  and sometimes it is hard … Continue lendo Looking through the broken glass

Chapter XIV – Liberation

Its midnight and the moon shines high There’s nothing but a silent cry The clock has stopped ticking, My heart has stopped beating. All pain just washed away No more sins left to forgive today, My eyes are forever shut All bonds are forever cut. Goodbye my lonely days, Today we follow separate ways, As … Continue lendo Chapter XIV – Liberation

Chapter XIII – As the world burns

Just sit comfortably at your window While the world outside burns, May those flames lighten your way Guide you through the twists and turns. The ashes will fertilize your ground, A new you will be reborn from them, Face this chaos as a new beginning, As the discovery of a hidden gem. Smile, wipe your … Continue lendo Chapter XIII – As the world burns

Chapter XII – In darkness

Today is one of THOSE days… another one. Days when you feel like someone just ripped your heart from your chest in cold blood. No anaesthesia, no pain killers, just a big hand with disgusting fingernails penetrating each and every layer of your body until it reaches your weak heart. What a gruesome and yet … Continue lendo Chapter XII – In darkness