The beginning of a Journey

(...)this is only the beginning and I still have a long way ahead of me, a lot of work to do, a lot of searching, but today I began to feel the Universe and hear its music, like a perfectly tuned orchestra where each instrument plays a key role on its beautiful melody.


Chapter XV – Momentum

Today's world has gone mad, sad, cruel, Machines, money, social media are kings. What has become of humans? Have we completely lost track of things? I still dream of a world of kindness Ruled by real people who can feel Who smile and share their happiness Who help others in pain to heal. Oh how … Continue lendo Chapter XV – Momentum

Chapter XIV – Liberation

Its midnight and the moon shines high There’s nothing but a silent cry The clock has stopped ticking, My heart has stopped beating. All pain just washed away No more sins left to forgive today, My eyes are forever shut All bonds are forever cut. Goodbye my lonely days, Today we follow separate ways, As … Continue lendo Chapter XIV – Liberation

Chapter XIII – As the world burns

Just sit comfortably at your window While the world outside burns, May those flames lighten your way Guide you through the twists and turns. The ashes will fertilize your ground, A new you will be reborn from them, Face this chaos as a new beginning, As the discovery of a hidden gem. Smile, wipe your … Continue lendo Chapter XIII – As the world burns

Chapter XII – In darkness

Today is one of THOSE days… another one. Days when you feel like someone just ripped your heart from your chest in cold blood. No anaesthesia, no pain killers, just a big hand with disgusting fingernails penetrating each and every layer of your body until it reaches your weak heart. What a gruesome and yet … Continue lendo Chapter XII – In darkness

Chapter XI – The river song

Like a river words just flow Floating inside of me, How this happens, I do not know I wish they would just let me be. Such a bittersweet symphony, Both happy and truly sad, How I hate this melody, I wonder if I have gone mad. From E-Flat to G-Minor, Playing violin, piano and cello, … Continue lendo Chapter XI – The river song

Chapter X – The distant balloon

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote anything. I guess I’ve been dedicating too much time to just thinking, analysing life, dreaming. But today my writer’s switch got turned on by the most pointless thing in the world - an explosive blend of anger and sadness that needed to find its way out … Continue lendo Chapter X – The distant balloon